Services Offered

Currently these are the services that I offer. At the moment there are no group classes offered except for the Puppy Kindergarten classes held at Greg McIntyre Veterinary Clinic in Kyneton.
I find that lots of people and certainly some dogs, are not at all comfortable with large group classes and prefer the familiarity of their own surroundings, making it more conducive to learning. Certainly behaviour issues are best dealt with in the dogs own home rather than taking them into, what can sometimes be, a very scary environment.
I make every effort to work with you and your dog, together coming up with a plan that will help you to achieve what you want for your dog. Working in your own home means that I can be flexible – you are not locked into a time frame that doesn’t always suit you.

DogSpeak_paw2 Puppy Pre-School – for puppies 8 weeks – 16 weeks.  Held at Dr Greg McIntyre Vet Clinic, Kyneton

DogSpeak_paw2 Private In-Home Coaching – Teaching you how to teach your dog.

DogSpeak_paw2 Private In-Home Behavioural Consultations for problem behaviours

DogSpeak_paw2 Agility Coaching.  Private one-on-one coaching if you are interested in the sport of agility.

DogSpeak_paw2 Video Coaching.  (Requires a private in-home session prior to video coaching.)

DogSpeak_paw2 Clicker Training.  Learn the science of using a clicker to communicate with and teach your dog.

DogSpeak_paw2 Available for Seminars and Workshops.  Check for available topics