Professional Development

Learning and education for me, is the key to understanding your dog and becoming a better teacher. It seems the more we learn, the more we discover how much there is still to learn. So the journey of educating myself is a continuing, never ending journey – it is never a tiresome task but something I take great joy in and can never get enough of.

Education is not necessarily always formal, it may be a casual discussion with friends or a book that opens up a whole new way of thinking about something.  I strive to participate every year in various conferences, courses and workshops where I have the opportunity to network with lots of wonderful people working with animals in some respect. The more I educate myself the better equipped I am to be able to help others.

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Dogs Victoria           Pet Professional Guild         Association of Pet Dog Trainers (Australia) APDT


Courses | Seminars | workshops

2005       NDTF      (Aus)                                 Melb                  Certificate 111 in Dog Behaviour & Training

2012       Dr Susan Friedman (U.S.A)              On-Line              Living & Learning with Animals (ABA)

2009      Ian Dunbar (U.S.A.)                           Melb                   Seminar – Dog Behaviour

2010       Dr Patricia McConnell (U.S.A.)         Auckland            Seminar – Behaviour & Aggression

2012       Bob Bailey (U.S.A.)                           Sydney               Learning & Behaviour

2012       Terry Ryan (U.S.A.)                           Adelaide            Chicken Camp-Operant Conditioning

2013       Terry Ryan (U.S.A.)                           Adelaide            Advanced Chicken Camp-Chaining Behaviours



2007       Susan Garrett (Canada)                     Canberra            3-day Agility Seminar

2007       Elicia Calhoun (U.S.A.)                      Melbourne         2-day Agility Seminar

2009       Greg Derrett (U.K.)                            Melbourne        5-day Agility Seminar

2010       Linda Orton-Hill  (U.S.A.)                  Melbourne         3-day Agility Seminar

2011        Silvia Trkman (Slovenia)                  On-Line              15 wk Agility Foundation

2012        Silvia Trkman (Slovenia)                  On-Line              Agility Handling