My Training Philosphy

My view of how I live with dogs and how I teach is now so far removed from how I originally started, to be barely recognisable.

My focus is on:

DogSpeak_paw2  Building a relationship based on teamwork rather than one of total control
of one being over another.

DogSpeak_paw2  A focus on what I want the dog to do, not what I don’t want.

DogSpeak_paw2  A focus on teaching rather than correcting.

DogSpeak_paw2  Making learning fun for the dog and handler.

DogSpeak_paw2  Making sure my teaching is force free and not aversive or harsh.

DogSpeak_paw2  Making use of the science of Operant and Respondent Conditioning and not myths.


Thank you to all our clients for the lovely feedback. Here is a recent testimonial from one of our puppy clients:

“……..Thank you so very much for helping Bunny to train us.  You are a gifted and thoughtful teacher and we are so very grateful for all you have taught us and Bunny.  You gave us the invaluable gift of teaching us how to teach her as well as how to learn from her.  Thank you..”  Manny & Amelia