Welcome to Dogspeak

Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting in Central Victoria

Need help with teaching your puppy or dog? Having trouble understanding each other? Dogspeak can help you understand each other’s language.

Dogspeak is focused on helping you build a great relationship with your dog and teaching you how to effectively communicate with your canine friend and family member. Dogspeak can help set you on the right track with your new puppy or newly acquired older dog. Taking the time and putting in the effort to teach your dog how you would like him to behave is imperative for both you and your dog. Regardless of a dog’s breed, size, or age,  s/he can benefit from good fair leadership, household rules, exercise, and training. Whether your training goal is to have a highly trained obedience competitor or a dog that is a well-mannered family member, the fundamental ingredient for success is the same. The bond between you and your  dog is the starting point to training success.Teaching basic skills by positive training can begin in early puppyhood and continue as the dog matures. While your dog does not need to learn a large number of tricks or how to heel perfectly, he does need to know the fundamentals: how to sit, say please, walk on a lead, have good manners in the house, greet people respectfully, and settle himself on a mat or in a crate.A well trained dog will be welcomed into your world, you will have

  • A dog who can happily accept visitors into your home.
  • Can be taken anywhere into public areas with you.
  • Can sometimes be left alone without panicking.
  • Can join in family activities.
  • Is welcomed indoors and can settle quietly when necessary.

In short, a dog who is truly a family member and not just a dog, who is left in the back yard because you haven’t taken the time to teach them how to behave.